How to Get $10k in Amazon Web Services Credit

AWS credits allow you to access AWS services for free. These credits are available through various programs, promotions, and competitions. These credits are intended to help businesses and developers on their journey to AWS. They make it easier for them to experiment, build and scale applications, without having to worry about immediate costs.

AWS Credits: Key Benefits

  1. Cost savings: Reduce your cloud infrastructure costs significantly.
  2. Experimentation : Promote innovation by allowing AWS users to experiment with different services.
  3. Scalability : Allows you to scale up your operation without upfront costs
  4. Advanced Tools Provides access to many tools and services including AI, machine-learning, and analytics.

AWS Activate is for Startups

AWS Active was designed for startups. It offers a variety of packages, including AWS credits, support, and training. Most notable are:

  • AWS Active Founders : For startups that are bootstrapped or self-funded.
  • AWS Portfolio : For startups affiliated with AWS Active Providers (accelerators and incubators as well as VCs). ).

How to apply?

  1. Register for AWS Activate Visit the AWS Activate site and select the appropriate package.
  2. Business Information Fill out details about your new business, including goals and your business plan.
  3. Submit supporting documents If you are applying for a Portfolio package, please submit a recommendation from AWS Activate providers or proof of affiliation.
  4. Approval and Review: AWS reviews your application and, upon approval, credits will be issued.

AWS EdStart for Educational Institutions

AWS EdStart was designed for startups in educational technology (EdTech). It offers resources and credits that help these startups scale and build their solutions on AWS.


  • It must be an EdTech company.
  • You must have been in business less than 5 years.
  • The annual revenue should not exceed $10 million.

Application Processing

  1. Join AWS EdStart Complete the application on the AWS EdStart site.
  2. Include Necessary Documentation : Include your business plans, pitch decks, and other relevant documentation.
  3. Evaluation : AWS evaluates your application and, if approved, will give you AWS credits.

AWS Promotional Credits for Students

AWS credits can be used by students through the AWS Education program. This program provides resources to students and teachers for cloud-related education.

How To Apply?

  1. Create an AWS Educate account Visit the AWS Educate site and create an AWS Educate account.
  2. Verification : Provide proof of your student status.
  3. Access credits Once verified, AWS credits can be used to learn and experiment.

Hackathons, Competitions and Other Events

AWS sponsors many hackathons, competitions, and other events that award AWS credits. These events are a great way to earn AWS credits.

Find Hackathons

  • Major Platforms : Sites such as Devpost HackerEarth and GitHub list upcoming hackathons.
  • AWS Event Page: Check the AWS event page regularly to find out about hackathons sponsored by AWS.
  • University Events and Local Community Events Universities and local tech community often sponsor hackathons.

AWS Credits through Partnerships and Sponsorships

AWS partners with many organizations to provide credits to their participants or members. These partnerships may be specific to an industry or part of larger community initiatives.


  • Tech conferences: Many technology conferences, including AWS re provide attendees with AWS credit.
  • Developer Community: Online community sites like Stack Overflow, GitHub and Stack Overflow often partner with AWS in order to offer credits.
  • Professional associations: Many associations in data science, machine-learning, and IT fields collaborate with AWS, offering member benefits including credits.

 AWS Promotional Credit

AWS offers promotional credits from time to time through campaigns or marketing initiatives. AWS offers promotional credits through its social media channels, newsletters or direct account manager communications.

How to apply?

  1. Stay informed: Subscribe to AWS’s newsletter and follow them on social media. Also, keep in touch with the AWS account manager.
  2. Participate to Promotions: Take part in webinars or tutorials that AWS may promote in order to earn credit.
  3. Direct Requests If you have an interesting use case, contact AWS Support or your AWS Account Manager to request promotional credit.

AWS Credits: How to Maximize their Use

It is important to make the most of your AWS credits. These tips will help you make the most of your AWS credit:

 Prioritize Key Projects

Spend your credits on projects with the highest priority that will get the most out of AWS. Prioritize projects that add significant value to your business, whether it’s launching an application, performing data analysis or scaling up your infrastructure.

 Utilize Free Tier Services

AWS provides a variety of free services that can be combined with credits. You can extend the value your credits by using free services to perform common tasks.


  • Amazon Web Services: Get up to 750 free hours of t2.micro instances each month during the first twelve months.
  • Amazon S3 : 5 GB standard storage.
  • Amazon RDS : 750 hours per month of db.t2.micro instance for the first year.

 Monitor usage and optimize costs

Monitor your AWS usage regularly and optimize your costs so that you can use your credits effectively. AWS offers several tools and best practice for cost optimization.


  • Cost Explorer : Analyze and identify ways to save money.
  • AWS budgets: Create custom budgets for cost and usage and receive alerts if thresholds are exceeded.
  • Trusted advisor: Receive recommendations on how you can reduce costs, improve performance, and improve security.

 AWS Training & Support

AWS offers a wealth of training and support resources to help you get the most out of their services. AWS offers a variety of resources, including webinars and documentation, to help you make the most of its services.


  • AWS Certification and Training: Online training, webinars and certification programs.
  • AWS documentation: Comprehensive guides, tutorials and AWS services.
  • AWS support: AWS Support plans provide access to technical assistance.

 Collaboration with AWS Account Managers

You can get tailored support and advice if you work with your AWS account manager. They can give you advice on how to best use your credits and suggest additional resources.


AWS credit of $10k can reduce cloud computing costs significantly and allow you to take full advantage of AWS’s services. There are many ways to obtain these credits, whether you’re a student, a start-up, or if you’re part of an education institution. You can earn substantial AWS credit by participating in AWS program, hackathons and partnerships and staying informed of promotional opportunities. After you receive the credits, make sure to monitor your usage and maximize their value.

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