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Flipkart Gift Cards

Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce platform, offers a wide range of products from fashion and electronics to groceries and home essentials. Flipkart gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used for purchases on Flipkart’s website or app. The gift cards come in different denominations to suit any budget.

Flipkart gift cards have many benefits.


Flipkart Gift Cards are versatile. The recipient can select from the millions of products on the platform to ensure they get what they want or need. It eliminates the guesswork when choosing a gift.


Flipkart Gift Cards are easy to buy and send. Online, you can buy them and they will be delivered to your email address or in the form of a physical gift card. It is especially useful when you need to send a gift at the last minute.


Flipkart lets you personalize your Gift Card with a customized message. This adds a personal touch. It makes the gift more thoughtful and meaningful, which enhances the overall experience of giving.

 Securing and Reliable

Flipkart gift certificates are safe and reliable. The cards are protected by a unique code which can only be used once. The platform also has robust security measures to protect your transactions.

Easy to Use

Flipkart Gift Cards are easy to use. The recipient enters the code for the gift card during the checkout and the value of the card will be deducted. The shopping process is made easy and convenient.

Flipkart Gift Card Types

Flipkart has a variety of gift cards that cater to different preferences and needs.

Gift Cards

E-gift cards are digital cards delivered via email. These cards are ideal for sending a gift at the last minute or to someone far away. E-gift cards come in different denominations and can be personalized.

Physical Gift Cards

Physical gift cards are gift cards delivered directly to the recipient. These cards are available in attractive designs, and they can be used like eGift Cards. Physical gift cards can be used for any occasion where you would like to give a tangible present.

 Corporate Gift Cards

Flipkart offers corporate gift cards as an option to businesses that want to reward their employees, clients or partners. These cards are customizable with your company’s logo and include additional features like bulk purchases and special discounts.

Flipkart gift cards: How to purchase them

The process of purchasing a Flipkart Gift Card is simple. To buy one, follow these steps:

 Flipkart App or Website

Start by opening the Flipkart mobile app or the Flipkart site on your device.

Click on Gift Cards to navigate.

Look for “Gift Cards”. You can find this in the main menu, or under “More”.

 Select the type of gift card

Choose the type of gift certificate you wish to purchase: e-gift cards, physical gift cards, or corporate gifts cards.

 Choose the Denomination

Select the amount of the gift certificate. Flipkart has a variety of denominations that can be tailored to different budgets. If the desired amount is not listed, you can enter your own custom amount.

 Add a Personal Message (Optional).

You can add a personal message when you buy an eGift Card. The recipient will receive the message in an email.

Provide Recipient Details

Enter the recipient’s details including their name, email address or physical address if you are using a physical gift card.

 Completing the Purchase

Then, proceed to the payment section. Complete the transaction using the preferred payment method. Flipkart offers a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit card, net banking and UPI.

 Confirmation of Delivery

You will receive an email confirmation once the transaction is completed. The recipient of an e-gift card will receive it almost immediately via email. Delivery times for physical gift cards may vary depending on where you are.

Flipkart Gift Card Redeeming

Flipkart’s gift cards are easy to redeem. Use your gift card by following these simple steps:

Sign in to your Flipkart account

Log in to your Flipkart account by visiting the Flipkart site or the Flipkart App. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.

 Browse Select Products

Flipkart offers a wide variety of products. Add the ones you like to your shopping cart.


After adding all your desired items to the cart, you can proceed to the checkout.

 Enter the Gift Card Code

Look for the option of redeeming a gift certificate on the payment page. Enter the unique code of the gift card in the designated field, and then click “Apply.”

Completing the Purchase

The gift card value will be deducted. You can use your preferred method of payment to pay any balance that remains. Once you have completed the purchase, your order will then be processed.

Flipkart Gift Cards: How to Manage them

 Checking the balance of a Gift Card

Follow these steps to check the balance on your Flipkart Gift Card:

  1. Login to your Flipkart Account.
  2. Click on “My Account”.
  3. Choose “Gift Card”
  4. Enter the gift card code in order to see your remaining balance.

 Add Gift Card to your Account

Add a Flipkart Gift Card to your account and use it in the future. You won’t need to enter the code each time you make a payment. Add a gift certificate to your account by:

  1. Login to your Flipkart Account.
  2. Click on “My Account”.
  3. Choose “Gift Card”
  4. Click “Add Gift Card” and enter your code.

 Combine Multiple Gift Cards

You can combine multiple Flipkart Gift Cards to make a bigger purchase. Enter each code for the gift card during the checkout process and the combined value of the cards will be subtracted from the total.

Flipkart gift cards: Tips on how to buy and use them

 Buy from Authorized Sellers

Buy Flipkart Gift Cards only from authorized sellers. This will ensure the validity and security of your gift cards. Do not purchase gift cards from unverified or unknown sources.

 Keep the gift card code secure

Treat your gift card code like cash. Do not let anyone else have it. Once the code has been used, it can’t be used again.

 Check expiry dates

Flipkart gift card expiration dates are usually 1 year from the date purchased. Use the gift card prior to its expiration to prevent losing value.

Use Gift Cards during Sales and Promotions

Use your Flipkart Gift Card during sales and promotional events to maximize its value. Flipkart offers many discounts and special deals on a variety of products. This allows you to save money.

 Combination with Other Payment Methods

You can use a gift card to pay for the entire purchase if the value is insufficient. You can use the entire value of your gift card, and then pay the balance with the payment method you prefer.

Common Issues with Solutions

You may run into some issues when using Flipkart Gift Cards. Here are some solutions to a couple of potential issues:

Gift Card Does Not Work

Double-check that you have entered the gift card code correctly. Contact Flipkart Customer Support if the problem persists.

 Gift Card Balance not updated

Wait a few moments and then check the balance again if it has not been updated. It is possible that the update of your balance may take a little longer than usual. Contact customer service if the problem persists.

 Gift Cards that have expired

Unfortunately, if your gift card is expired, it can no longer be used. Keep track of the gift card’s expiry date.

Flipkart gift cards are perfect for corporate gifts

Gifting corporate cards is a great way to thank employees, clients and partners. Flipkart corporate gift cards have several advantages.


Corporate gift cards are available with the branding of your company, giving them a more personal touch.

Bulk Purchasing

Flipkart allows you to purchase and distribute corporate gift cards in bulk.

 Discounts on all Orders

When purchasing corporate gift cards, businesses can take advantage of special offers and discounts.

 Get Versatile Rewards

Flipkart gift certificates are flexible rewards that can be redeemed for a variety of products.


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