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Royal Caribbean offers travelers an unforgettable experience on its innovative and luxurious ships. The Royal Caribbean gift card makes a great present for travelers, as it allows them to customize their cruise itinerary and take part in various activities onboard. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need about purchasing a Royal Caribbean Gift Card, including where to purchase them, how to utilize them, and tips on making the most out of your gift cards.

What is a Royal Caribbean gift card

Royal Caribbean gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used for cruise vacations, amenities onboard, and other Royal Caribbean International services. The gift cards come in a variety of denominations and are a great gift for all budgets.

Royal Caribbean gift cards have many benefits.

  • Flexibility Gift cards recipients have the option to choose their preferred itinerary, travel dates and activities onboard. This allows them to customize their vacation according to their preferences.
  • Ease-of-Use: Gift Cards can be easily redeemed over the phone or by a travel agent. This makes the booking process easy and convenient.
  • No expiration date: Royal Caribbean Gift Cards do not have an expired date. This allows recipients to plan their cruise when they are ready.
  • Multi-Use: You can use the gift card to pay for a variety of expenses including cruise fares and onboard dining as well as spa services, excursions and more.

 Where to Purchase Them

 Official Royal Caribbean Website

The official Royal Caribbean site is one of the best places to purchase a Royal Caribbean Gift Card. You can customize your gift card by adding a message and choosing from different denominations.

Authorized Retailers

Royal Caribbean gift cards are also sold by authorized retailers, such as major retail chains, supermarkets, and online marketplaces. Popular retailers include:

  • Amazon
  • hdproshop
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy

 Travel Agencies

As part of their service, many travel agencies include Royal Caribbean gift cards. Travel agencies can offer additional benefits such as personalized assistance with planning your cruise and special promotions.

How to Purchase a Royal Caribbean gift card

Online Purchase

Follow these steps to buy a Royal Caribbean Gift Card online:

  1. Visit Royal Caribbean’s website: Go directly to the Royal Caribbean Gift Card page.
  2. Select a denomination: Select a desired value for the gift card.
  3. Personalize Card: Choose a design and add a message.
  4. Enter recipient information: Enter recipient name, email address or postal address if you are delivering digitally.
  5. Complete your purchase: Enter the payment details to complete the transaction.

 In Store Purchase

Visit an authorized retailer or a travel agency to purchase a gift certificate. Select a Royal Caribbean Gift Card from the gift cards section and proceed to the check-out counter. Keep the receipt to prove your purchase.

How to use a Royal Caribbean gift card

Redeeming Online

Follow these steps to redeem a Royal Caribbean Gift Card online:

  1. Visit Royal Caribbean’s website: Go directly to the Royal Caribbean official booking page.
  2. Select Your Cruise: Browse the available cruise itinerary and choose your preferred option.
  3. Enter gift card details: When paying for your booking, enter the number of the gift card and the PIN.
  4. Confirm the Booking: Simply follow the prompts and finalize your booking.
Redeeming over the Phone

Call the Royal Caribbean Customer Service number to book your cruise. Give the representative your gift card information and they will help you apply the balance to your cruise booking.

Redeeming through a Travel Agent

Give your gift card number to a travel agent when you are working with them. The travel agent will then apply the balance towards your cruise booking, and help you plan.

 Royal Caribbean Gift Cards: Tips to Maximize Your Card
 Plan Ahead

Plan your cruise early to get the most out of your gift card. You can take advantage of special offers, improved cabin choices, and increased availability on popular itineraries.

Combine Offers

Royal Caribbean offers many special discounts and promotions. You can combine your gift card with any current offers to maximize your savings.

Use of Onboard Expenses

Gift cards can also be used to pay for expenses on board, such as shopping, dining, spa treatments, excursions and shopping. To make the most out of your gift card, plan your activities onboard in advance.

Monitor Your Balance

You can check your balance online or by calling Royal Caribbean customer service. Royal Caribbean Customer Service can be contacted by phone or online to check the balance of your gift card.


Can I use multiple gift cards for a single booking?

You can use more than one Royal Caribbean gift card for a booking. Enter the gift card details during the payment process.

What Happens If I Still Have A Balance On My Gift Card

You can either use the balance of your gift card for expenses on board or to save for future travel.

Can Royal Caribbean Gift Cards be refunded?

Royal Caribbean gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. They do not expire so you can use the cards at any time.

Can I buy a gift card for a specific amount?

You can select a customized amount when you purchase a Royal Caribbean gift card through the official website or a travel agent.

Case Studies: Real-Life Experiences

 Family Vacation

John and Sarah decided to give their parents an extra special gift on their 50th anniversary. The couple decided to give their parents a Royal Caribbean Gift Card, which would allow them to select a cruise of their choice. The gift card was used by their parents to book a Mediterranean Cruise, which included fine dining and spa treatments as well as exciting excursions. Gift cards are flexible, allowing them to customize the trip according to their own preferences.

Honeymoon Adventure 

Emily and Jake were given a Royal Caribbean gift certificate as a wedding present. The gift card was used to book their Caribbean honeymoon cruise. They used the gift card to pay for their cruise, but they also spent the balance on romantic dinners, couples massages and snorkeling excursions. They were able to customize their honeymoon with the gift card.

 The conclusion

Royal Caribbean gift cards are a thoughtful and versatile gift that anyone who enjoys traveling will appreciate. The gift card allows the recipient to select their perfect cruise vacation, whether it is for a special event or to express appreciation. Follow the tips and information in this guide to make the most out of your Royal Caribbean Gift Card and have an unforgettable cruise vacation.

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